What utter claptrap!!!

I am at my wits end with people who tout this nonsense and trust me, it’s worse when it comes from other professional copywriters.

The irony is a full blown article is written to emphasise the point that copywriting is dead. How does that work? Make a bold sweeping statement, then follow it up with an article, unbelievable.

Here’s what copywriting is – it’s evolving!!!

The Fad

Just because it doesn’t conform to the SEO mantra anymore does not make it dead. How long I’ve waited for the day that Google began to penalise keyword stuffed articles. At last it is has arrived.

Keyword stuffed articles were always going to be a fad. Let’s face it they were never going to last! I mean nonsensical articles that would not even afford the attention of a dolphin (presuming dolphins could read), let alone human beings.

Finally the copywriting world has returned to reality, writing for people. Slowly but surely, quality content has once again started to infiltrate Google. The mighty search engine God (I affectionately refer to as Googlezilla) began to realise that wannabe writers were essentially posting c**p on the web.

At best, it was keyword stuffed pointless drivel that mocked the very art of copywriting. At worst, plagiarism became rife, with cut and paste jobs and duplicated content tarnishing the copywriting profession.

The $2 copywriter

The demise in quality content led to the emergence of the $2 copywriter, basically writers who scan the web, take snippets from another person’s work, mash it together and finally pass it off as their own.


The $2 copywriter, and sites that promote them, are what’s killing copywriting.

Or they attempt to write in a language that’s not their own, resulting in broken nonsensical  sentences barely relevant to the topic they’re trying to address.

The $2 copywriter has proven to be problematic, even with some Write House clients, some of whom have defected to the dark side, swayed by the price tag only to discover that there’s a reason these wannabe writers only charge $2.

A friend of mine once came out with a quote that has stuck with me, ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’, and this applies to the $2 copywriter.

Yes we understand your business needs to save money, but why shirk the gal or guy who can deliver you content that increases conversions, sales and revenue?

Investing in a quality copywriter often results in a return on investment 10 times your original outlay. You might pay £80 per page for web copy, but what if that investment turned that £80 page into an £800 a day, revenue generating beast?

Copywriting is alive

Yes it’s taking a few hits along the way with every person who can hold a pen, or type, thinking ‘I can write’. But, copywriting is more than just words on a page, it’s a psychology. There’s no one writing style fits all.

Copywriting is very much alive, you just have to look past all the ‘noise’ to find those real gems that bring words to life for the sake of your requirements.

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below. Tell me you agree or I’m stark raving mad…

Daniel Waldron.