How to Run a Copywriting Business after Suffering Memory Loss

The year was 2011… My copywriting business was merely months old, with a client portfolio of 10, when a life changing experience threatened to derail everything I’d worked so hard to build. Having collapsed at home unexpectedly, I awoke to find that I couldn’t remember the last 15 years of my life… […]

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The #1 reason why your company blog is failing [hint: it’s not your content]

Look, every company blog is set up with good intentions. In the beginning, blog posting is like a new relationship, you enjoy spending time on your blog, crafting posts to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.

However, once the honeymoon period wears off, the company blog is approached like a New Year’s resolution. […]

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Copywriters | How to Show Your Value to Potential Clients – Part One

Copywriters are often faced with clients who get cold feet just prior to starting a project. Why does this happen?

In part one of this series, we start with the dirty ‘c’ word – cost.  For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents for demonstrating just how valuable you are to your clients when it comes to cost.


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Copywriters can’t sell

Niceties first! Happy 2016, but I’d like to take you back to a situation I faced just before Christmas 2015 when attending an interview for a copywriting gig. It taught me a lesson about how some clients perceive copywriters. Here goes…


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Blog off will you…

You understand blogging is important for your business. You’re sick and tired of being told it’s important though, right?


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Are you equipping the next generation?

‘Humanity survives on one generation’s ability to pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation’ .
A statement, in my opinion, which can be applied across all walks of life, whether it is parents inputting into their kids, a longstanding employee imparting to a new recruit or a business leader handing over […]

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Why ‘basically’ at the beginning of a sentence should be outlawed

As a copywriter, I’m a lover of the English language, but there are some things I cannot abide. Using basically to start a conversation or a sentence is one of those things.


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My 5-year-old son, the copywriter

Having started school in September 2014, my five-year-old son has almost completed his first academic year at primary school. Already there are signs he could become a copywriter.


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Copywriting Is Dead…What A Load Of Twaddle – Stop Peddling This Drivel

What utter claptrap!!!

I am at my wits end with people who tout this nonsense and trust me, it’s worse when it comes from other professional copywriters.

The irony is a full blown article is written to emphasise the point that copywriting is dead. How does that work? Make a bold sweeping statement, then follow it up […]

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Copywriting Tip: Best Ways to Get a Copywriting Gig – Part One

Starting out as a copywriter? Then you will want to know how to land your first copywriting gig, right? Well, here’s a great copywriting tip for you, don’t look to the freelance sites. In part one – copywriting gigs on your doorstep & don’t do free samples.

I’m sorry to say, a lot of freelance job […]

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