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Look, every company blog is set up with good intentions. In the beginning, blog posting is like a new relationship, you enjoy spending time on your blog, crafting posts to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.

However, once the honeymoon period wears off, the company blog is approached like a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, this problem is most common among smaller businesses.

It starts with… ‘I’ll blog five times a week,’ but quickly becomes something like this:

  • Three months later… ‘I’ll post a blog three times a week.’
  • Six months later… ‘I’ll post a blog once a week.’
  • 12 months later… ‘We have a company blog?!’

… OK, I may have exaggerated the last point, but does the rest sound familiar? Much like your well-intended, New Year’s resolution, six months down the line you know that you should be sticking to your ‘blog regime’, but the motivation is fast-fading.

Eventually, your blog ends up becoming like a builder’s home – metaphorically speaking. While you’re off working to improve the homes of other homeowners, your own home ends up neglected.

Heck, I’m writing from experience. As a small business owner, I’m guilty of this. Prior to this post, my last post was in February. However, on this occasion I can put it down to the arrival of my third son in March – your congratulations are well received, thank you.

Your company blog is only as good as your last post

company blog

If you take nothing else away from this ‘lesson’, absorb this. Your blog is only as good as your last post. I’m not talking about the content because it’s obvious that the content you’re posting needs to be good to attract readers and convert them into customers.

The #1 reason why a company blog fails is because of this – April 28, 2014 // 11:00 AM – the timestamp. It’s like reading the best before date on food that’s already turned. Frequency is the single biggest killer in the ‘blogosphere.’

If your last post was 12 months ago, take the blog down, rather than showcasing it to customers as an ‘abandoned ship’, it creates the wrong impression. As first dates go, this is not the one you want to be displaying to customers.

What to do to revive your company blog

company blog

Anyway, enough about why your blog is currently failing. What can you do to revive it and turn it into a success?

If taking your blog down is not an option, how can your current blogging situation be rectified? It seems to me that the problem is time. Blogging takes a backseat as you concentrate on running your business. If you’re serious about your blog not becoming a victim of the dreaded timestamp, I give you three options…

  • You could blog more… However, we’ve already established that you don’t have the time, so scrap that idea. Besides, if you try to do more you’ll end up with ‘blog burnout.’ The blog might be fully loaded, but at the expense of running your business.
  • You could hire a full-time copywriter, on a salary… A valid solution, but my guess is that you would have done that already if the budget allowed, so option two is out.
  • Hire a freelance copywriter/blogger. That’s where I come in. You don’t have the time, I do. I give my time to your blog in exchange for money.

Where’s the value in that you ask? You get my 11 years’ professional experience dedicated to your blog for a fixed price fee, per post. Your blog gets the content it needs, regularly and you make your money back thanks to an increased number of leads converting to sales.

You don’t have to find work for me, you set a frequency pattern with me, we agree on topics, I get to work and issue you with first drafts. You tell me they’re brilliant at the first attempt [not a guarantee] and you post them. You have a blogger for life on an ‘as needed’ basis, keeping your costs down and your content coming.

One last thing, there’s no set rule for frequency. What’s key is consistency. Whether you post once a day, once a week, once a month or every six months, as long as your readers know when to expect your blog, they know when to come to you for educational content. Make it a routine because customers like continuity.

I have the time to write your blog posts, now. Get in touch –

Daniel Waldron

Copywriter Wolverhampton